RIDE PRIDE: Keeping It In The Family

We have been looking forward to sharing this RIDE PRIDE with you all! Not only is this a very cool custom bike, but we really enjoyed hearing what custom builder - Stacy McCleary did with this bike once he finished it. My first glimpse of this bike was during 4th of July weekend at Corbin’s Open House event where Mondo of Denver’s Choppers was putting on a bike show. As it turned out, Stacy had just finished building this Shovelhead Chopper and when he and his son Brian were getting the bike ready for the show. Stacy had asked his son what he thought of his latest motorcycle build? And when Brian told his dad that he ‘loved it’ Stacy then told Brian ‘well good, because this one is yours’! The only condition was that Brian must pass the bike down to his kids to keep it in the family. I am sure he must have about jumped out of his boots with excitement after hearing his dad say that. I just think that it is awesome that this piece of Stacy’s Garage legacy will always stay with the family. Check out what Stacy did to get this bike in its current form.


BIKE: Custom - Stacy’s Garage

BUILDER: Stacy’s Garage

OWNER: Brian McCleary

ENGINE: Shovelhead

BUILDER: Pat’s Machine

DISPLACEMENT: 74 Cubic inches


AIR INTAKE: Velocity Stack

PIPES: Custom Stacy’s Garage

PRIMARY: 2” open belt


FRAME: Paughco Wishbone Rigid/Stacy’s Garage

OTHER: Powdercoated

FORKS: 39MM Sportster


WHEELS: 21X1.88 Front and 16X3.50 Rear


BRAKES REAR: Jaybrake Caliper

BARS: Buck Horn

HAND CONTROLS: Custom - Stacy’s Garage


FOOT PEGS: Stacy’s Garage

HEADLIGHT: Early Spotlight

TAIL LIGHT: Model A Ford

BACK FENDER: Custom - Stacy’s Garage

GAS TANK: Stacy’s Garage

OIL TANK: Stacy’s Garage

SEAT: Stacy’s Garage / Juan

SISSY BAR: Stacy’s Garage

PAINTER: Jeremiah

COLOR: Black with Silver flames with lots of metal flake

PINSTRIPER: Denise Corbett – Corbett Graphics

POWDERCOATER: Valley Customs

COLOR: Metallic Gray on frame

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