RIDE PRIDE: Catching Up with a King

We have a soft spot for Road Kings around here so we were stoked to see this one rolled out for a photoshoot at Midnight Motors up in Auburn. Joe the shop owner nailed it with this King as he helped bike owner Donne create a personalized ride that will turn heads as it rolls by. While I loved my old Road King, it never did look this sweet. But I could totally see riding this one with pride if I would have been so fortunate. Great work Joe and congratulations Donne. Midnight Motors is a cool motorcycle shop that will help you keep your basic maintenance in order but is very capable of helping you create your dream ride. Swing by next time you are rolling through town and pick up your latest issue of Thunder Roads NorCal, while you check out some of the latest creations to come out of this shop.

But let’s get to the nuts and bolts here to see just what Midnight Motors used on this beauty.


BIKE: 2015 Road King

BUILDER: Joe Manzano - Midnight Motors

OWNER: Donne Peltzer

ENGINE: HD 103 High output

AIRCLEANER: Arlen Ness Monster Sucker

PIPES: Freedom Performance Turnout

PRIMARY: Flat Black with Nasty Baggers Panty Dropper derby cover

TRANSMISSION: Flat Black 6 speed

FORKS: Stock HD Gloss Black


FRONT WHEEL: Hard Drive 60 spoke chrome

BACK WHEEL: Drag Specialties Spoke

BRAKES: Performance Machine Paramount Rotors with Brembo Calipers

BARS: 19” LA Choppers Twin Peaks, Gloss Black

HAND CONTROLS: Arlen Ness Contrast Levers

GRIPS: Avon Black Contour

MIRRORS: Arlen Ness Rad 3

FLOORBOARDS: Souixicide Choppers Knuckle Boards

FOOT CONTROLS: PM Contour brake pedal with matching shift arm and custom Knuckle shift linkage

HEADLIGHT: 7” Custom Dynamics Probeam

TAIL LIGHT: Nasty Hog smoked tail light



BACK FENDER: Nasty Hog CVO style stretched

GAS TANK: PM Gas cap, Gage and Covingtons Dash Panel

SADDLE BAGS: Nasty Hog 4.5” Stretched Bags

SEAT: Drag Predator

POWDERCOATER: Advanced Performance, Auburn

PAINT: Both Gloss and Flat Black

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