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ROAD TRIPPIN’ Annual Featherbed Railroad Resort Getaway 2019

August 16-17 (Nice) Terri and I would like to extend an ‘open invite’ to you on one of our weekend getaway trips. This year, we organized a group of motorcycle enthusiasts (not all of which road their motorcycles this time) to the beautiful Featherbed Railroad Bed & Breakfast Resort right on Clear Lake. Terri and I found this gem a few years ago and we love the opportunity to share it with you all any chance we get. This resort offers authentic railroad cabooses as your room, each one with feather beds and its own individual theme. All of which are very well done and make a cozy place to end your day.

Usually we lead a group in November, so this happened to be our first stay here during the summer time. It was a special treat because our hosts, Paul and June had the swimming pool ready for us to enjoy after a day of riding. After a nice meal by the dock at the Boathouse Bar & Restaurant on the Lake which is an easy walk down the road - our group jumped at the chance to hang out poolside.

On Saturday morning after an outstanding breakfast, we all casually got ready to head out for the day. The reason we had scheduled this weekend in Lake County was for an annual event that happens around the other side of Clear Lake in Lakeport called the Lakeside Car, Bike, Boat and Vintage RV Show. This event benefits Operation Tango Mike ( which is a nonprofit organization that sends care packages to our troops overseas serving our country. We were invited to bring our group by Tony Barthel of Curbside Car Show TV. As we rolled in, we were quite surprised at the size of this event. It attracts quite the turnout of custom and vintage transportation of all kinds, it is definitely worth checking out if you are into any of these modes of transport and you just might get inspired into a whole new direction of interest here. It was a gorgeous day hanging out in Lakeport, but the sun was getting hot so we all collectively decided it was time to get back to that Nice cool pool. So it was back on the bikes and around the lake where we hung out had drinks and a fantastic BBQ TriTip dinner with bacon wrapped asparagus and baked potatoes. The party went on way into the late evening before one by one - we all wandered back to each of our cabooses.

It was another fun filled TRM NorCal weekend in the books. If you would like to join us on one of these adventures - make sure to follow us on Facebook at Stan-Terri Hill where we will announce our next getaway adventure! Our objective is to fill the getaway resort with fun loving peeps - so jump on board early to come with us to some of our favorite Nor Cal ride destinations.

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