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One area that we hope to bring more awareness to this year is the ramifications of distracted driving. Every year in the December issue, we remember fellow riders that had their “Last Ride” - most of which are submittals from friends or family that want to publish an “In Memoriam” photo which we include their Ride In (birthdate) and Rode Out (death date). At the time of the submissions, we rarely know what happened to the loved one. This year, we were contacted once again by the Kingsley family whose loved one we honored in 2015. It has been three years later and they shared with us about what actually happened that day and the ordeal that they had been through since. It wasn’t until this family’s first-hand account with the aftermath of distracted driving that we felt compelled to do something. Read their story on pages 18-20 of the February 2019 issue of Thunder Roads NorCal Magazine.

As riders, this is a serious state of affairs that should be near and dear to all of us regarding our safety on the roadways. We really need to come together and address it in a manner to make it a concern to those that share the road with us - other than taking off a mirror or flipping off inattentive drivers. Everyone already knows that driving is the most dangerous thing that most of us do on a daily basis; yet it seems like less and less of those behind the wheel are giving it the respect that is needed. Let’s not fall into the trap of thinking as motorcyclists that we will be safer wearing bright yellow vests or some other flashy whatever that we strap on; the fact is that if a driver is looking at their phone – that no amount of bling or green, orange, yellow will get that driver’s attention. These types of measures only provide a false sense of security to riders and provide an excuse for motorists to not to pay attention to their surroundings the entire time they are behind the wheel. Drop us a line at with your thoughts and let’s make a movement for some changes and to Stop Distracted Driving. >>>>Please subscribe to this website and stay tuned for more on this subject<<<<<



Stan & Terri Hill (aka Hillon2wheels)

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