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REVIEW 🏍💨: 2019 Harley-Davidson FXDR 114

One thing that has become clear over the history of motorcycling is that we all do not agree on what makes for a great motorcycle. Some want all day cruisers with saddle bags and all the amenities to stay comfortable while logging hundreds of miles. Others prefer the twisty canyon roads were they can seek the thrill of railing through the corners. Yet others love nothing more than blasting off from a dead stop to top speed as fast as they can get there. Harley-Davidson now more than any other time that I can remember is putting out products that fit all of the above types of riders. This one the Harley-Davidson 2019 FXDR leaves no doubt as to what type of rider that it is built to appeal to - both in looks and its performance. With its long and low to the ground stance, it has that look of being in motion when its parked and is just begging for that light to turn green so you can rip that throttle and blast through the gears!

Harley-Davidson for the first time has come out with High Performance California street legal bikes that are fully warrantied. Also if you want, they have performance upgrades that are available right now for this bike; Harley-Davidson has you covered. You could start out with something simple like the Titanium exhaust or you could go big with the 117 ci kit for this bike and all while keeping your new ride California compliant and street legal. On top of that as long as you get the work done by your H-D Dealer your warranty will stay good. On the other hand after riding this bike, I can say that it already has a ton of performance right off of the showroom floor. With the 114 ci Milwaukie Eight and its oversized exhaust and air intake putting out an impressive 119 ft pounds of torque, this bike is more than capable of satisfying that need for speed. One area that this bike really did surprise me was with its handling in the turns. You would expect this bike with its 34 degree rake and its fat 240 rear tire to be stable at speed; I can honestly attest upon hitting the freeway on it confirmed that it was. But what I did not expect was for it to be as nimble as it was in the turns. So if you were to find yourself on a twisty back country road this bike is more than capable of performing in that environment as well. We have to give a big shout out to Harley-Davidson of Rocklin for giving us a chance to experience what this motorcycle is about. If you are looking for that drag race inspired ride then I have to say you need to go check this one out for yourself, it is a fun one to ride for sure!


114 ci Milwaukee Eight (the most displacement and peak torque from the factory for this platform)

High Performance air intake with increased air flow capacity (Cool note* this air cleaner can be cleaned out with soap and water no recharging needed)

High Performance oversized exhaust

Running weight of only 668 pounds

Ground Clearance 5.3 inches

Wheel base 68.4 inches

New Black Ace cast aluminum 19 inch front wheel and 18 inch rear wheel

Clip-on handlebar mounted to the fork tubes gives it a forward aggressive riding position

Narrow Primary Cover creating a narrow profile

Digital riser gauge creating a clean and modern cockpit

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