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Helmet Review: NEXX SX 60 Eagle Rider 🏍💨

It has been eleven years since I have had a new helmet. Admittedly, I suppose that one could say that I tend to be pretty hard on my helmet. On occasion, I have been known to have dropped it or not to have it secured when Stan moves the motorcycle. Thankfully, it is not been from the purpose of having one strapped to your head in the first place. This summer Nexx North America sent us the SX.60 Eagle Rider helmet from their Urban Collection to do a product review. Upon opening the box, I noticed that it had all of the components that I was looking for in a replacement helmet – it was lightweight and had an open-face. I personally like to wear an open face helmet because I get overheated and I tend to feel claustrophobic in a full-face helmet during the summer. The helmet’s exterior graphics has a cool Eagle feather Born To Ride design on an advanced thermo resin ¾ shell - the texture has unique feel in comparison to the glossy finished helmets on the market. Plus the Eagle Rider helmet comes with a soft anti-sweat and anti-allergic inner fabric lining that is removable and washable which is a bonus during the sweltering summer months. I really like that this helmet comes with a ‘snap on’ sun visor – the snaps on the Nexx SX.60 allows the sun visor to be interchangeable with either a tinted or clear bubble face screen. Another bonus was the quick release micro metric buckle chin strap, I liked that is soft and comfortable under my chin and was easy to manage with gloves on. So, if you’re in the market for a new helmet, be sure to check out the different DOT approved styles available at and to find a dealer near you! Check out the NEXX HELMET 🔗LINKS BELOW: **WANNA SEE MORE? CHECK OUT OUR LINKS 🔗**

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