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As I sit here and type these words, it made me reflect on what this celebration is all about. Independence Day? Just what is the true meaning of this day and do we collectively understand it? I mean REALLY understand it. For me, it made me think about what our founding fathers would be like if I could meet one of them today. I wonder would they be impressed with our progress as a society? I can’t help but to think that if one of them were to show up in today’s world that they could not help but to marvel at the technology that we have created. Cars, computers, cellphones, airplanes - hell even space ships! It would have to be far beyond their wildest imaginations. But something in the back of my mind also tells me that they might look upon us with disgust. Disgust for failing to preserve the hard fought individual freedoms that they provided to each one of us way back then. I could just imagine George Washington wanting to punch me right in the face for failing to do my part in preserving what they fought for. Kind of like my grandfather did to me when I failed to do my chores because I wanted to fight my older brother. I quickly decided my chores were the smarter option. I can still remember how disappointing my hard working grandfather hurt me much more than his punch - although it was hard enough to take me off my feet. He wanted me to learn to take full responsibility for my actions (it was my fault the chores were not done). I got the message and learned a lesson that I have never forgotten.

I am not trying to go all political on you here, but this day does have a meaning and we all need to reflect on where we came from and just how it is that we are fortunate enough to live in this great country. Maybe we need to be a bit harder on our elected officials. If they ‘think’ they need more of our hard earned money, then we hold their feet to the fire (so to speak) and demand that they are individually held accountable for how and where it is used. We also need to think long and hard about anyone who suggests that we give up any more of our freedoms for the sake of security. That is a slippery slope that many other societies have gone down with disastrous results. Let’s all collectively strive to stay independent, so our children and grandchildren’s children that follow us do not have to live under the oppression that our ancestors fled to find a free life here in America. I have ‘RIDE FREE’ tattooed on my forearm. It means a lot to me and I am reminded of that every morning when I brush my teeth it is right there in the mirror requiring me to reflect daily. Thank you to all who have served and are currently serving our country, without you this conversation would not be possible.

Now let’s all have a toast to our freedom and blow some #@%^&$ up. I am talking about fireworks, not sure what you were thinking!?! Have a safe and happy 4th of July!



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