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We The People

We are very grateful for all of the people we have met because we ride motorcycles. Sometimes it seems like the whole world has gone mad but this biker community and family of friends gives me hope that there still are normal people out there with some common sense still left in them. Our American culture is in some deep trouble and has been for some time. We just do not seem to have the courage to be honest with ourselves or to be able to look beyond our little bubble at the world around us. I wonder if it is me that thinks that a majority of the tragedies that have been unfolding lately in this country – are they self-induced? I for one do not think having high school kids influence policy is a good idea at all. I remember back a long, long time ago when I was in high school, I thought I was pretty smart too. But it turns out now that I am in my 50’s, I have come to realize that I actually knew nothing about how the world operates. I now realize that very few of us do, but life experience will teach most of us a few lessons along the way and although we may not be much smarter we have our hard earned wisdom to lean on.

The school shootings that have happened in this country are completely unacceptable and every level of government should be held accountable by ‘We The People’. Government’s first responsibility is for the safety of its citizens and our children should be first on that list to protect. Adding more laws against guns will do nothing to protect our kids in that respect! If we all knew that someone bent on harming kids at school would encounter immediate and severe repercussions before they got in the door then none of the crazies out there would attempt to do it. Schools are well known as gun free zones and sadly have become easy targets because of that.

I am tired of the blame not being attributed to the real problem. People want to blame mental illness or guns or bullying or whatever excuse of the day that some main stream media reporter lazily tosses out there. But if we were honest with ourselves, we could see the decay of our moral compass as a people. Where are our values? It seems like less and less people every day value others’ lives and wellbeing, they only care about their own. The true problem is going to take a bit of time to fix but we all need to do some soul searching and find a way first as individuals and then hopefully it will be possible to come together as a nation once again. In the meantime, secure our damn schools now! Before this all happens again while our great public servants debate over background checks and how much to tax ammo. As if any of their half-witted meaningless platitudes will stop any of this from occurring again. And no we should not arm teachers. This will require professionally trained people dedicated to accomplishing this task in a responsible way. Ex-military who go through additional specific training to do this within a school environment to accomplish this mission comes to mind first. Know anybody who could fit that bill? In this community, we all know several for sure and that is just in this small community of bikers. Thank you - I really needed to get that off my chest. Now, let’s ride!

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