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Editor's Letter: A World Gone Mad

Holy smokes where did the summer go? Here we are already on the threshold of the fall riding season… soon we’ll be saying goodbye to the days that top 100degrees! As for me and all of our motorcycles, I say ‘good riddance!’. I am not a fan of the heat - if you can't tell.

Hope all of you made it back from Sturgis without any problems and had a blast while you were there. Terri and I really wanted to make it this year but it was just not in the cards for us so we will attempt it again next year. That is ok though - because there is always plenty to do right here in good old NorCal. The event calendar at the back of this magazine is still full of great events to get out and show your support so make sure to check it out and stay up to date on what is coming up.

I have been reflecting on something after watching the damn fake news the other day. It seems like the world has gone mad around us and nobody out there has a lick of sense left. I want to say that I am very grateful to all of you; because from my experience the biker community usually has their collective heads screwed on a bit tighter than the rest of the population. Our community provides a place of refuge to escape some of the madness out there. You can be rest assured that when you are hanging out with bikers you will be greeted with a big slap on the back and the camaraderie that goes along with riding a motorcycle. My belief is that this is because this activity just by its nature tends to attract people who are more self-sufficient than other segments of society. It’s the rest of these f#<*ers out there that I am getting pretty worried about. It seems like every day the country just gets more polarized. Now we’re in a situation where different sides can't agree with each other even when the truth is that they actually do. It is maddening to watch this all going down and we all know that we have been on this slippery slope for decades now. So here is my short rant and I wonder if some of you might agree? Why are we all of a sudden feeling the need to remove or destroy monuments from the past in this country? Personally, I don't get it. From my perspective these monuments tell the story of our past. History does not have to be good to be history. Humans are flawed by nature just look around or watch the news - if you don't believe me. Where did we come from and how did we get where we are today? There are plenty of lessons to be learned from history, but it seems like there are a lot of “Americans” out there that would prefer to rewrite history in a way that is more to their liking. It does not matter if I or you are offended by history - it does not change the fact that it is still our history, and no amount of protesting and destroying monuments will change that. If you happen to be one of the offended…then that monument should stand as a reminder for you of how far we have come or how much further we need to go (whatever the case may be); but destroying historical artifacts sounds to me like something ISIS does - not Americans. Let me know what you think.



Stan & Terri Hill

Editors /Owners

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