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Road Trippin'

It's the last week of March and there is a lot going on. Magazines are here so we will be busy with distribution. Mailing and hand delivering to advertisers and potential advertisers. Funny thing and a little misleading is that the magazines are FREE. To clarify it better...we are able to provide them for free to our advertisers- but they are far from free to produce and distribute. Advertisers pay for their ads- which supports the production. We are always looking for businesses that would benefit by being a part of our adventures. We in turn invest our blood sweat and tears to come up with interesting content for readers to keep picking up the magazine. We have several wonderful contributors that also invest their time & energy to be a part of this free publication. But trust me, the magazine is as free as the Covered California Healthcare program.

Right now, I am researching a ride destination. I am especially looking forward to this one - because neither Stan or I have ever been there before! My childhood girlfriend from Texas has been doing some staff training in CA for the medical field (ha - go figure!)…and she invited us to San Luis Obispo to come see her on the weekend while she is in the state. Another reason we are excited is the purpose of this blog. We’ll be able to share our adventures more quickly. It seems as if the energy surrounding an activity is immediately shared on social media; meanwhile we would try to keep our participation under wraps - so that it's not deemed 'old news' once the magazine hits the street. With our can happen before, during AND after!

On Friday, after we attend an open house for another potential advertiser for ANOTHER magazine article – then we will load up our Indian Motorcycle and ride to central CA bright and early on Saturday. We will turn our road trip into an article for the magazine. These articles are used for another potential road trip in the future in which we'll bring other readers with along us. Or it could be for TRM NorCal readers to use as a guide to schedule their own destination to the area. We have been doing this for a while now and the resorts/inns benefit from our recommendations. And something new is that we will video our ride/adventure as a part of another Hillon2wheels escapade!

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