We haven’t been everywhere on our motorcycle, but it’s a lifestyle that is on our list

March 1 – 3 (Shelter Cove):  Our Thunder Roads NorCal group was once again welcomed with open arms to The Inn of the Lost Coast. The Inn is in Shelter Cove on California’s Lost Cost perched on a cliff above the crashing waves of the ocean below.  There are 18 rooms wit...

Distracted driving is anything that takes your attention away from driving.  In today’s technology age, distraction could include anything from holding your cell phone and talking on it, texting while driving, sending a Snapchat, looking at your Facebook, as well as, e...

My family and I went through a tumultuous 3 years of waiting for justice as we were told that “the wheels of justice turn slowly.”  There were delays due to the court being understaffed for judges, speedy trials taking precedent, motions that were made for decrease in...

February 6, 2019

One area that we hope to bring more awareness to this year is the ramifications of distracted driving.  Every year in the December issue, we remember fellow riders that had their “Last Ride” - most of which are submittals from friends or family that want to publish an...

December 29, 2018

Join H2W as we recap the year with an inside look of motorcycle events, rallies and runs (and much more!) that appeared in Thunder Roads Magazine NorCal during 2018!

One thing that has become clear over the history of motorcycling is that we all do not agree on what makes for a great motorcycle.  Some want all day cruisers with saddle bags and all the amenities to stay comfortable while logging hundreds of miles. Others prefer the...

December 14, 2018

This is HOW we do it!  Find out what it takes to work together 24/7 as a couple from H2W - it might not be for everyone, but it can be!  It's all about mutual relationship goals.

It has been eleven years since I have had a new helmet. Admittedly, I suppose that one could say that I tend to be pretty hard on my helmet. On occasion, I have been known to have dropped it or not to have it secured when Stan moves the motorcycle. Thankfully, it is no...

November 29, 2018

Take an inside look of the 2019 Thunder Roads NorCal calendar  photo shoots with magazine owners Stan and Terri Hill (aka Hillon2wheels)


November 21, 2018

H2W's Stan and Terri take their newly remodeled 1989 Class A Winnebago Warrior RV 'The Hub" on the road to a Passport America RV Resort near Arnold California for the first time!


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